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Skill Development & Livelihoods Projects

Livelihood is very critical for the deprived and marginalized women and youth population in the country. People at low education levels have little chances of securing a job in the formal sector; they seek out options to generate income to sustain their families. Women and youth from marginalized sections are provided with vocational training in tailoring & stitching, embroidery, beauty & wellness, and cooking and further connected with livelihood opportunities either engaging them in our production units or supporting them in setting up their own businesses. We are providing skill trainings also in General Duty Assistant Nurse, Information Technology enabled Services (ITES), Advanced ITES, Retail Management, MEDP, etc. Currently, we are working with individuals residing in Vattepally, Darulshifa, Hafeezpet, and Masabtank.



The Safa Pragati Center, located in Golconda, is supported by the Mohammadi Educational Trust. The aim of the center is to promote education and skill training among children, youth, and women in the community.
The center offers several programs and courses, including computer training for girls and women with the objective of providing better job opportunities. In addition, the center provides tuition for regular and dropout students up to the 7th grade to promote education and lifelong learning. Furthermore, the center offers the MEDP program for women, aimed at enhancing their livelihood prospects.

The Mohammadi Educational Trust's dedication to improving the lives and prospects of the community through education and skill training is commendable and demonstrates the organization's commitment to promoting equality and opportunity for all.


Funding Agency: AIF-Micron

Start Year: 2021

No. of Direct Beneficiaries: 150


We give training in Work Integrated Soft Skills and English Language along with ITES and Advanced ITES in Asifnagar and Darulshifa areas. We work for the skill development of deprived youth in partnership with AIF-Micron (American India Foundation and Micron Technology). The project is of good benefit for the needy families. The trainees are trained in Interview oriented skills and focus will also be on Capacity Building and Personality Development through Yuvajosh Club activities.


Funding Agency: Tech Mahindra Foundation


Year of Establishment: 2014


No. of Direct Beneficiaries: 1700 


Skills for Market Training (SMART) was implemented in 2014 to provide job-oriented skill training to women and youth from marginalized sections of Hyderabad. The project focuses on training in trades like Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), BPO, Customer Relationship and Sales (CRS) through the training centre in Mehdipatnam.


Funding Agency: Tech Mahindra Foundation

Years of Work: 2017-19


No. of Direct Beneficiaries: 480 youth


SAFA ran a ‘Skills for Market Training’ (SMART) Centre from 2017-19 which offered placement-oriented skill training in General Duty Assistant (GDA) in collaboration with Tech Mahindra Foundation. The project targeted youth in slums by offering a four-month-long vocational training in GDA that includes theory and practical classes to enable students to become certified GDAs followed by placement in well-established hospitals. Along with this, basic IT & language skills and knowledge about the workplace environment are also provided. The project covered 3 batches in one year with 80 students each.

Mainstreaming Youth (MY) Centre

Funding Agency: SEED and Basheeruddin Sarwar Babu Khan Trust (BSBT)

Start Year: 2015

No. of Direct Beneficiaries: 240 annually

Mainstreaming Youth focuses on offering job-oriented skill training to unemployed youths or those engaged in the informal sector. The project trains trainees in ITES, Spoken English, Functional Telugu, Retail Management and Personality Development. Capacity building sessions are conducted through Yuva Josh Club Activities and Job oriented skills related workshops are conducted by TEA Cares Volunteers.

Sustainable Livelihood For Single Women (SLDC), Vattepally

Funding Agency: Islamic Relief, Canada

Start Year: 2017

No. of Direct Beneficiaries: 500 single women


Telangana has reported one of the states with the highest crime rate against women for over a decade. Women are adversely affected by structural and systemic poverty, inequality and exclusion. Single women- deserted, divorced, separated, widows or women who are never married- often struggle with poverty, inequality and social stigma based on their identity and exclusion within their communities. They don’t have access to education or other opportunities of training to enhance their skills and primarily engage in the informal sector securing poor wages and dismal social protection mechanisms.

To address this situation, SAFA in collaboration with Islamic Relief- Canada implemented the SLDC project in 2017 to empower these women by increasing their livelihood options through entrepreneurship development program and promoting access to their rights and entitlements. The overall project focuses on providing vocational training for single women and in turn engaging them with income generation activities simultaneously facilitating them in connecting to the various local government schemes.

Sai Livelihood Development Center, Turkapally

Funding Agency: Sai Life Sciences

Years of Work: 2016-2021

No. of Direct Beneficiaries: 600 women


Initiated with the objective of offering placement-oriented training in trades like tailoring and embroidery to women from marginalized segments of Shamirpet Mandal in Hyderabad. As women in this area are either illiterate & semi-illiterate or from migrated families. They have limited livelihood opportunities due to the same. Under this project, we train these women in different trades simultaneously working on building their capacity and linking them with employment opportunities either in our production units or help them in setting up their business.



Funding Agency: HSBC Skills For Life, Darulshifa

Years of Work: 2019-2021

No. of Direct Beneficiaries: 300 annually

HSBC Skills for Life Programme is a commitment by HSBC India that will focus on employment linked skill development of disadvantaged youth in partnership with SWADES Foundation. This is an 18 Month Programme, with a target of 400 youth to be skilled and linked with employment. With its major concentration on the youth belonging to the Old City and from Muslim minority groups; the project has been considered a boon for many below poverty line families.

The training is offered in Communicative English, IT and ITES with MS office training, Typing speed betterment with a Lab of 20 computer systems, Work and Interview readiness skills and Personality development skills wherein the candidates are made Employment ready.

STC, Aajeevika Project, Hafeezpet


Funding Agency: Deloitte

Start Year: 2017

No. of Direct Beneficiaries: 240 women annually


SAFA in partnership with Deloitte and United Way of Hyderabad (UWH) started off project Aajeevika in 2017. Aajeevika endeavours to train women with desirable skills in tailoring and ITES to help them to earn better livelihood and also to improve the employability of women in order to provide them with fine placements. Under this project, we give training in Tailoring and ITES. Apart from training, we also focus on the capacity building of women through our Roshni club and Yuvajosh club activities. We contribute to production work too. Our beneficiaries play a significant part in the sale of the products produced by SAFA’s SE Unit.

Social Enterprise (SE) Unit

Start Year: 2016

No. of Direct Beneficiaries: More than 80 women


Social Enterprise (SE) Unit is a production unit of SAFA where we have engaged and connected the women trained in Tailoring at SAFA with livelihood opportunities. We, presently, have a well-equipped SE unit in Darulshifa, with more than 80 trained women working there. These women manufacture eco-friendly products like shirts, plazos, pants, kurtis, kurtas, tops, uniforms, jute bags, canvas bags, newspaper bags, fabric bags, jewellery (fabric & Lac). We intend to promote products that ensure a healthy environment and a better alternative to non-biodegradable products. The sale of these products also takes place.

Integrated Women & Youth Development Project

Funding Agency: Tech Mahindra Foundation


No. of Direct Beneficiaries: 250


The project trains aspiring & existing micro-entrepreneurs in the Entrepreneurship Development program & focuses on financial inclusion through SHG formation.

NASR, Darulshifa


Funding Agency: PHF

No. of Direct Beneficiaries: 295


MEDP training is conducted for the aspirants who wish to become entrepreneurs or who wish to grow their business and Capacity Building activities are also conducted. This project supports the community over the social issues through advocacy.

NCPUL-Government of India

No. of Direct Beneficiaries: 188


The National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD), Department of Higher Education, Government of India. It has been set up to promote, develop and propagate Urdu language.

Through this, We ensure that our interested beneficiaries take admission in Urdu, Arabic and Persian certificate-oriented courses. These certificate will help them in obtaining translators’ jobs, etc.



This project works on entitlements. It tries to help people to obtain Pan cards, Voter ID Cards, Street Vendor Licences, Old age pensions, Widow pensions, Disabled people’s pensions, Marriage certificates to ensure social security - Rectification of essential documents is done. Follow ups on various govt. schemes is also done.

Entitlements to Empowerment (E2E) (SAHAYATHA PROJECT)

This project works on initiation of Saathi Helpdesk to work on entitlements, formation of MEDP (Micro Entrepreneurship groups and SHG (Self Help Groups) for the empowerment of women, formation of students’ clubs. Roshni clubs and Tarbiyat programs, equipping women with the skills, knowledge and resources of entrepreneurship.


Saathi Glance, a daily guide to social security rights, started to create awareness regarding how to get advantage from the identity cards issued by Govt. of India.

Covid Buildback Project-2

This project provides financial support through Micro Advances’ cheques distribution to single women and widows for reinstating small businesses which were affected due to Covid-19, and thus empowering the small entrepreneurs in multiple districts of Telangana.

NASR - project


MEDP (Micro Entrepreneurship Development Programme) training is provided to aspiring entrepreneurs. Premarital Counseling sessions and Awareness sessions on the need of creating a Voter ID of ECI are conducted. Parenting Workshops are conducted.



SIMT Project started Saathi Helpdesk in convergence with Nagrik Vikas Kendra to serve the community on Entitlements. Awareness session on EWS reservations & benefits is conducted by SAFA in collaboration with Reddy Jagruthy.



IBM Web Designing Orientation session is conducted for the students.

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