Our Work

SAFA works to provide children with access to quality education, especially to girls from underprivileged communities and works on the capacity building of beneficiaries across all ages and genders for generating their livelihoods.


For many girls in India, attending school is not an option. Government through its Right to Education Act, 2009 has been making its way in enrolling and retaining children in school especially from the marginalized sector. SAFA aims to educate and empower young girls, children and drop-outs and provide them with opportunities in further education. We have impacted more than 16000 children through projects like Aqriti 1 & 2, Come to Read (CTR), Sitarey (Junior & Senior), and 50 Indians. Through these projects,  we are proffering scholarships, tutoring to drop-outs to mainstream them in schools, strengthen School Management Committees (SMCs), and promoting STEM  education in government schools.


Capacity Building & Financial Inclusion

SAFA believes in the overall development of an individual and focuses intensively on the capacity building of our beneficiaries regardless of gender and age. Through Roshni club, Awaaz, and Yuva Josh Club, we build capacitate & empower women, youth, and children to generate awareness regarding different topics such as education, health, environment, etc. and help bring behavioural change in them.

Skill Development & Livelihood

Livelihood is very critical for the deprived and marginalized women and youth population in the country. People at low education levels have little chances of securing a job in the formal sector; they seek out options to generate income to sustain their families. Women and youth from marginalized sections are provided with vocational training in tailoring & stitching, embroidery, beauty & wellness, and cooking and further connected with livelihood opportunities either engaging them in our production units or support them in setting up their own businesses. Currently, we are working with individuals residing in Vattepally, Bholanagar, Darulshifa, Hafeezpet, and Shamirpet.

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