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Capacity Building & Financial Inclusion Projects

SAFA believes in the overall development of an individual and focuses intensively on the capacity building of our beneficiaries regardless of gender and age. Through Roshni club, Awaaz, and Yuva Josh Club, we capacitate & empower women, youth, and children to generate awareness regarding different topics such as education, health, environment, and other social issues and help bring change in their attitude and thoughts.

Girls on Ground

Girls on Ground is a transformative initiative aimed at empowering girls from underprivileged communities in India through the sport of football. Our program leverages the power of football to promote physical, mental, and social development for girl children. With a focus on creating a girls' football team in the old city areas of Hyderabad, we provide a safe and inclusive environment for girls to learn, play, and grow.

The program is designed to take girls through three phases - the foundational phase, the intermediate phase, and the advanced phase. During these phases, girls receive on-field training sessions and leadership workshops that focus on building their technical and physical skills, as well as their leadership, health, and life skills. The program also includes participation in community events and local tournaments, providing opportunities for the girls to engage with their local community and gain exposure to healthy competition.

Delivered by a team of experienced coaches and trainers, the Girls on Ground program is implemented through a participatory approach that involves the girls, their families, and the local community. Our mission is to provide a holistic experience for the girls and help them reach their full potential both on and off the field.

Roshni Club

No. of Direct Beneficiaries: 30,000 beneficiaries


Roshni Club is a platform that helps build the capacity of individuals to solve real-life problems and strengthen their mind and contribute to their development. It focuses on inculcating leadership qualities, knowledge enhancement, motivation, empowerment and analytical skills for the benefit of both development practitioners and beneficiaries of SAFA. An essential element in the Roshni Club capacity development approach is Transformation. For an activity to meet the standard of capacity development as practised and promoted by SAFA, it must bring about a transformation that is generated and sustained over time from within and focused more on changing mindsets and attitudes. The programs are currently implemented in Hafeezpet, Asifnagar, Khairtabad, and Nampally areas of Hyderabad.

Yuva Josh Club

No. of Direct Beneficiaries: 5,000 beneficiaries


Yuva Josh Club is a program for the capacity building and development of youth in skills that have high market demand. The focus is on enhancing and improving both hard and soft skills of the youth to provide them with better work opportunities. The programs are currently implemented in Hafeezpet, Masabtank and Darulshifa.


Awaaz is a special weekly session organised especially for the life skill development of children. The program is specifically designed to empower children to make their own choices in matters that affect them. The workshop held every Sunday facilitates them to express their feelings, ideas and thoughts through art & craft, paintings, dancing, singing and so forth. The aim is to build children’s confidence to form and voice their opinions and ensure their voices are heard within the household as well as in a larger society. 


Start Year: 2019

No. of Direct Beneficiaries: 40

Self-help Group Formation is done to build capacity and promote micro-savings & financial inclusion of women small savings groups are registered with Greater Hyderabad Municipal corporation & connected to public sector banks.

Umang (SAFA)

Three SHGs under UMANG project received a loan of one lakh each as a capital for their business. UMANG project reached the milestone of 5 lakhs i.e, aggregate Group loan outtake under the project. Formation of Slum Level Federation (SLF) , the next phase of Self Help Groups turned into a reality. SAHULATH  MIcrofinance Services in collaboration with SAFA to provide business advances to improve the lives of the “unbankable” community.

SAFA partners with TELANGANA govt.’s MEPMA  (Mission for elimination of poverty in municipal areas) towards self-help group formations and credit linkages for the urban poor. 

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