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Availing entitlements is crucial for the urban poor in developing countries as it addresses their unique challenges and improves their quality of life. Entitlements provide access to affordable housing, healthcare, education, and basic services such as clean water, sanitation, and electricity. They also enhance employment opportunities through job training and labor rights protections, ensure food security through subsidies, and offer social security benefits like pensions and disability support.

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 Furthermore, legal and financial inclusion initiatives empower the urban poor economically and socially, while affordable public transport improves mobility. Overall, these entitlements foster social cohesion, reduce inequalities, and contribute to more inclusive and sustainable urban development.


SAFA Society serves nearly 55000 individuals every year to provide either new government identity cards or error rectification of existing Identity cards that support poor to avail entitlement rights without interruption.

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At SAFA, we are dedicated to transforming lives by empowering the urban and rural poor through a range of innovative livelihood solutions tailored to meet the needs of diverse communities. Our initiatives are designed to address the unique challenges faced by different segments of society. For college dropouts, we offer training in IT and ITES, opening doors to promising careers. Women who are unable to leave their homes receive entrepreneurial training in tailoring, culinary arts, and retail, enabling them to earn a living while maintaining their household responsibilities. 

We foster financial independence by promoting saving habits among women through Self Help Groups, and we support hyperlocal businesses with comprehensive business incubation programs. Each year, SAFA empowers nearly 1,700 women to become successful entrepreneurs. We also provide interest-free financial assistance to help sustain their businesses, ensuring long-term growth and stability. Join us in our mission to uplift communities and create a brighter future for all.

Community Wellbeing

SAFA envisions the creation of Basic Minimum Model Communities (BMMC), where every household thrives with proper government identity cards and all eligible individuals are seamlessly connected to government entitlements. In these communities, a collective commitment to education ensures zero out-of-school children and a minimum of 90% school attendance, with community members actively supporting school management. Health care governance is a priority, with everyone in the community being well-informed and responsive to health care needs.

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The community works together to address civic issues, resulting in access to essential infrastructure like roads, drainage, drinking water, street lighting, and effective law and order. We emphasize premarital education for youth and the social empowerment of women, enabling them to make independent decisions and own basic assets. Through these comprehensive efforts, SAFA aims to foster self-sufficient, well-governed, and thriving communities.

SAFA is in journey of BMMC and will be formed 10 BMMC in 2025 where 1000 households are living in 8 slums in Hyderabad , India.

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