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And She Grew: Empowered to Empower Others

In our conventional society, widows may be subject to stereotypes, prejudices, stigma, humiliation, and harmful traditional practices with severe consequences. They may face restrictions on their dress, diet, and mobility for years after the death of a spouse. Widowhood can force women out of familial and social structures, leaving them particularly vulnerable to poverty and isolation.

A widow in India suffers a lot. However, when the going gets harder, there are those who rise up to the odds.

One such woman, Asiya Sultana, thirty years old, lost her husband a few years back. Despite the tragedy, Asiya made up her mind to move on with life and nurture her kid. And although she has had minimal emotional and financial backing from her natal or marital families, she has admirably managed to carry on with her life. Before marriage, she used to teach in a primary school and always desired to lead her life independently. But marriage is the final fate of a woman as believed; Asiya also tied her knot and quit her job. And when her husband passed away, she was traumatized.

Incidentally, Asiya had no savings as she belonged to a lower middle income family and was not employed when her husband was around. She neither pursued her teaching career again nor went out from the community. She, somehow, managed by renting a space in her home. Then Asiya came to know about the Karwaan Kitchen in her own community and decided to exhibit the magic of her hand. At present, Asiya is the Chef Assistant in Karwaan Kitchen of SAFA. As an Assistant Chef, she manages a team of 16 women, guides and helps them in learning new scrumptious dishes.


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