is a Hyderabad-based non-profit organization that strives to improve the financial status of women and youth from marginalized, socio-economically backward communities by empowering them with education and skill training. The focus is on helping women recognize their worth and potentials, take initiative and carve a niche for themselves.

An empowered woman is powerful beyond measure
and can be decisive

SAFA provides a secure, supportive and empowering place for women and girls across Hyderabad 

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Socio-economic empowerment of women & education of the girl child whilst “retaining the social and cultural identity of the community.”

  • Respect 

  • Commitment

  • Quality

  • Team Work



Our Mission

  • To provide skill training to illiterate, semiliterate women, and drop-out youths and to connect them with livelihood opportunities

  • To engage women, children, and youth in capacity building programs for sustainable outcomes

  • To facilitate young girls, children and dropouts in further education and integrate them

  • To provide livelihood opportunities to women by producing products through Fair processes and Value chain and through the job placements for our trainees.


When women support each other,



Areas of Work

SAFA works to provide children with access to quality education, especially to girls from underprivileged communities and works on the capacity building of beneficiaries across all ages and genders for generating their livelihoods.


SAFA educates and empowers children with knowledge with the intention of breaking the shackles of poverty. The activities are aligned to the national and international mandate of creating non-discriminatory education for all children.

Capacity Building

For their overall development, SAFA capacitates & empowers women, youth, and children by building awareness regarding education, health, etc and bring behavioural change in them.

Skill Development

SAFA enables a large number of women and youth to engage in industry-relevant skill training that will help in increasing their income and securing a better livelihood in employments like Tailoring, Cooking, Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), Advanced ITES, Retail Management, MEDP, etc.


Women from marginalised areas are given a platform to showcase their skills and put their learning to use for generating livelihoods through three brands established under SAFA- Artizania, Luqma and Noor.

Alignment With Sustainable Development Goals

SAFA’s work in Skill Development & Capacity Building of women and youth, Employment Linkages, Income Generation and Livelihood Linkages, and Education of underprivileged children and adults is directly in line with 9 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Awards & Recognition

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