Team Members

Swarna Sabrina Francis.jpeg

Programs Director

Swarna Sabrina Francis

"SAFA is a space to empower individuals and communities with creative and meaningful interventions."

Sebin Pic.jpg


Sebin George

"While we all hope for a better future for others, SAFA is building it for others. SAFA is a platform for community development professionals to innovate and create a world where everyone has the opportunity to realize their potential and feel valued and important."


Project Manager- IWYDP

Mohd Aboozar

"Being a part of SAFA has helped me to contribute to social good & acquire skills that are viable for my career in the development field."

Mehraj khan.png

Program Manager

Mehraj Khan

"Working with Safa continues to be an outstanding experience. I am elated on being given a large amount of responsibility and constantly encouraged to serve the community by building its capacity and thus turning it into entrepreneurs."

syed younus.JPG

HR & Admin Manager

Syed Younus

"I am working with SAFA to help others to improve their circumstances. Social work is very emotionally exhausting but for those families that you support, there is no greater reward or job satisfaction. Working with SAFA has given this satisfaction."


Project Manager, CBB-2

Sk Maheboob Subhani

"I believe disadvantaged people can uplift and empower themselves if provided with the right motivation and platform. Working with SAFA, I feel very fortunate to become a part of a mission to encourage women to improve their abilities, earn livelihood and support their families, and carve a niche for themselves in society."


Facilitator cum Centre Manager

Md Mazhar Ali

"I have immense pleasure that SAFA has provided me the opportunity of being the source of the happiness of people by fulfilling their needs. I am proud of becoming a part of an organization that is transforming the lives of people."

amit ardilla.png

Program Manager, Entitlements to Empowerment

Amit Ardila

"I am delighted to be a part of an NGO like SAFA which is genuinely transforming the lives of innumerous people and thus empowering them through skill training, livelihood generation, community building, entitlements, etc."


Finance & Admin Manager

Manisha Ben Gothi

"I am a focussed and service-oriented individual with a passion to work in the communities. SAFA has given me the platform to use my skills to empower women through education and foster economic growth”

Mansoor Ahmed.jpeg

Project Manager in UWH, Hafeezpet

Mansoor Ahmed

"Working with SAFA is a boon as it matches with my ideology of women empowerment. It is transforming the lives of innumerable people through its social work and contribution to uplift the deprived and marginalised people."

Abdul Qaliq J Jaklair.jpg

Centre Manager

Abdul Qaliq J Jaklair

"SAFA inspires me to serve the needy. I have satisfaction that I have been associated with SAFA in turning the dreams of people into reality."