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is a platform for women artisans at the grassroots level to showcase their talent and utilise it for generating their livelihoods. Our focus is on making products that are eco-friendly and have good market potential.

Clothes Hanging

Our Story

India has a rich cultural heritage with craft traditions and living craft skills that are passed on from generation to generation. About 70 lakh artisans in India depend on craft production for their livelihood. This craft heritage is not only a vital part of cultural identity but a crucial means of sustenance for several communities.

SAFA facilitates market linkages for these artisans ensuring greater integration of grassroots artisans with the global market in order to enable and empower women to access the global market and vice versa. In addition to handcrafted products, we also provide advanced machine training as it has a huge potential to improve the product value chain. We also strive for promoting and strengthening entrepreneurship within these disadvantaged and marginalized communities through skill training, capacity building and digital intervention, and thereby serve the cross-cutting goal women inclusion in the global marketplace.

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