Educate a Girl,Empower a Family

Educate a Girl

Empower a Family

Livelihoods, Education, Capacity Building

Who we are

What we do

Our mission is to work with families living in the urban slums and:

1. provide skill training to drop out youth , semi-literate to illiterate women and place
them suitably in jobs
2. Steer the stay at home woman towards income generating activities
3. Sponsor English medium education to children coming from below poverty line families with a focus on the “vulnerable” girl child
4. To sponsor young girls for college education
5. Capacity building- Soft skills , Employability Enhancement programs
6. Life skills education- Psycho-social awareness trainings
7. Connect target groups to government schemes and also to other agencies offering other skill training

Our Products

Women from underprivileged backgrounds undergo training in tailoring/embroidery with SAFA and are inducted into production teams. These group of skilled and deserving women then create products which are marketed by SAFA thereby ensuring that we complete the full circle of Learning to earning.
All products made by SAFA are eco-friendly and Fair Trade compliant. The proceeds from the sales are invested in the programs for women , youth and children living in urban slums.
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